DVLA Local Office closures in 2013

In July 2013, the government decided that all of the DVLA’s Local Offices should be closed. A review concluded that the services offered by these local offices should be provided either online or from the DVLA headquarters in Swansea.

By the end of 2013, all 39 of the DVLA Local Offices across England, Scotland and Wales had closed down.

Many of the transactions which would have been formerly performed at one of these local offices are now done through the DVLA website, with some Post Offices also offering access to these services.

The government claims that the move will ensure greater efficiency and bring the DVLA into the digital age, as well as saving the taxpayer £26m per year. Several changes were made to lay the groundwork for the closures, including:

  • Changes to postal applications and redirection of mail which will see customer correspondence sent directly to DVLA Swansea, which will also now be able to issue tax discs directly to customers, retailers and commercial operators
  • The introduction of a 14-day grace period during which newly-registered vehicles can be driven without the tax disc on display, intended to address fears over postal delays regarding vehicle registration
  • Post Offices being granted the ability to supply duplicate tax discs and discs for HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) as an extension of the current services offered
  • The switching of trade licence application procedures to DVLA Swansea.