Contacting is owned and operated by Everything Legal. Our goal with this site is to help out those who need to find contact details for the DVLA or any of their regional offices by providing an easy-to-use directory containing all the DVLA contact details fit to print.

We know that often when you need to get in touch with the DVLA, you are plagued with doubt and worry, perhaps palpitating with anxiety over a late payment of car tax or a situation with your driving licence. Our goal in creating this resource is to lower your blood pressure just a tad and make your life that little bit easier by providing DVLA contact details in an easy to find and easy to read manner.

It should be noted that we are not associated in any official capacity with the DVLA or any of their offices. Our goal with this site is to make it easier for members of the public to discover DVLA addresses and contact details, but we are not at all affiliated with the organisation in any fashion.

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