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This site is provided by Everything Legal. We operate DVLA-Offices.co.uk, a comprehensive directory of every DVLA department contained within their famed Local Office Network. This endlessly useful resource runs alongside Law on the Web, our top reference guide for any and all matters of UK law. The huge success we met with after taking the helm at Law on the Web led us to conceive of a variety of other indispensable services, numbering among them this marvellous guide to the DVLA’s many facets and outlets.

It is vitally important that any motorist be able to contact their local DVLA office over any issue which may concern them, ranging from vehicle excise duty to driving licences. As the DVLA is the official authority on a wide variety of motoring topics, many vehicular transactions must go through them to ensure their veracity. It is because of this that we developed this extensive information site which details every DVLA office from John o’ Groats to Land’s End, intended to assist in the task of any individual who finds themselves in need of the contact details of a DVLA office in any particular locality.

Not only do we offer up this fantastic free database of details, we also provide a variety of information describing what the DVLA deals with. Their wide jurisdiction confuses many, but we can give you the knowledge you need to approach the DVLA with confidence and awareness.

Whether you need more information on car tax, driving licences or custom number plates, you’ll get the details you need to jumpstart your journey. Our site will ensure that you’re left in no doubt over the duties of the DVLA as they relate to the average man on the street – or at least in a car which is driving on the street.

The Bristol-based firm Everything Legal was founded by Bradley Askew back in the year 2007, who once worked as a solicitor and County Court advocate and yet yearned for something greater. Acting on this noble hunch, he spurned the stability of a guaranteed career and instead chose to adopt the mantle of the entrepreneur, hoping to chisel out his own destiny. Retaining his love of the law and foreseeing a shakeup of the legal world with the inception of the Legal Services Act, he has taken the reins on a variety of exciting legal ventures, DVLA Offices being just one feather in his bird-like cap.

Here at Everything Legal, we can literally never stop innovating. Driven by our dedication to the law and our lofty goal of access to justice for everyone, we hope to take the lead on ushering in a new era of legal services which place the customer front and centre, and are always seeking to find new ways of helping the public with every legal topic under the sun.

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